About Rivers SOS

Rivers SOS is an alliance of over 40 environmental and community groups concerned with the wrecking of rivers in New South Wales by mining operations.

Rivers SOS exists for the protection of the integrity of river systems and water sources from the impacts of mining and other extractive industries. Click here to read the full aims of Rivers SOS.

Supporting Organisations


Supporting Individuals

“There should be a generous exclusion zone around all rivers.”
– Dr Tim Flannery Writer, Scientist, Explorer, Australian of the Year 2007
Adjunct Professor, Macquarie University

“We depend on rivers for our lives.”
– Robyn Williams Broadcaster and ABC presenter, The Science Show, Ockham’s Razor and In Conversation

“These river systems are part of Sydney. There should not be any mining at least one kilometre either side of rivers.”
– Tom Uren Minister in Whitlam government. First environmental spokesperson for the Labor Party

“The platypus is completely dependent on rivers… No rivers – no platypus. We need to keep longwall mining away from our rivers.”
– Dr. Tom Grant Platypus researcher, Visiting Fellow, School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences – Univ. Western Sydney

“The Nepean and Georges catchments are two of Sydney’s most important biological resources. The small, ephemeral streams are where the koalas are breeding.”
– Robert Close Assoc. Professor Univ. Western Sydney, Genetics, Ecology & Reproductive Biology: Koalas and Rock Wallabies

“The dreadful impact of longwall mining is among the worst environmental damage I have ever seen. Mandate through statute – a one kilometre buffer zone.”
– Jeff Angel Director Total Environment Centre Sydney

“It is essential that our major river, the Nepean is protected from longwall mining. Without its catchment, the Nepean dies… We know we can stop the damage with protection zones that have been established for cliff lines, railroads and freeways – so why not rivers? Why do we have to continue such an experiment when there are other options?”
– Keith Muir Director of Colong Foundation, NSW