A black day: Duralie Coal approval given

It is a black day for our valleys and our creeks and the river systems of Wards River, Mammy Johnsons River, Karuah River to Port Stephens/Marine Park.

The NSW Planning Department’s final approval decision has been granted for Duralie Coal to proceed. The NSW Planning Department has also approved the two Stratford Coal applications.

Rivers SOS president Amanda Albury contacted the Commonwealth Government Department regarding their determination (EPBC 2010/5296) on Duralie Coal and the EPBC Act (Giant Barred Frog and Swift Parrot). The response was that the Commonwealth Government has given Duralie Coal approval to proceed with conditions until 2020.

Two creeks have already been destroyed by Duralie Coal: Coal Shaft Creek (in the mining area) and No Name Creek (in the exploration area).

At this sad time, Amanda and fellow Rivers SOS member Jenny Thomson would like to thank everyone who gave assistance in opposing the approval:

Jenny and I are very grateful for the people we have met both in person and across the email lists & phone, who have taken the time out in their busy areas they are defending for the environment in stopping to give us assistance. People networking together: congratulations! We have all shown the Government that there are many people who object to their wrongful approvals they are handing out to mining companies.

The area is under attack not only from Gloucester Resources, but now other companies seeking to take up residence in the valley: Thunderbolts Gold, the 4 category mine at Girvan (The Branch), Karuah Gravel mine removing the mountain range, and the petroleum/gas yellow aeroplane surveying the area.

The new year will be a time to freshly strategise for the next round, whatever that may be.

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