Lock the Gate alliance national event – Tara, QLD, 1-5 May

Massive coal seam gas projects in the Darling Downs have received government approvals, but not community approval. Rural landholders are now holding them off at their front gates and now is the time to show them that they have your support.

When: 1-5 May 2011
Where: Tara Showgrounds (300km west of Brisbane)
What: 4 days of workshops, forums, displays and direct action
How: to register your interest or for more details,

Email tara2011@lockthegate.org.au or phone 07 4669 4864

The Lock the Gate movement has gone national and this national movement against coal and coal seam gas mining as well as farmers and environmental groups around the state and country are backing a four-day event including displays, workshops and direct action, at Tara on the western Darling Downs in Queensland. Local organisers the Western Downs Alliance are engaged in a confrontation with the British Gas-owned QGC that intends to establish a gas field early 2011 on the Tara rural residential estates, home to more than 2,000 people.

Farmers, environmentalists and scientists have been warning the State and federal governments for some time that CSG activities are potentially hazardous to human health, agricultural land and underground water and could damage the Great Artesian Basin for centuries. They have called on these governments to impose a moratorium on the industry until all outstanding social and environmental issues have been addressed. Their only response has been to give the companies the go-ahead to bulldoze their way onto people’s properties and conduct an uncontrolled experiment on the Australian environment, meanwhile crossing their fingers that nothing disastrous happens – at least while they are in office.

Tara 2011 will be based at the Tara Showground and supporters are urged to gather showing the widespread popular concern. Bring lightweight campaign gear, everything else catered for. Remember, the coal seam gas industry has plans to move into many, many parts of Australia, so while this is happening on the Western Downs, it could be happening in your area tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Lock the Gate alliance national event – Tara, QLD, 1-5 May

  1. Sue Bradbury says:

    Can you please give me more details of the events on 1-5 May? For example, when does it start? On Sunday 1st or Monday 2nd? It’s advertised as a 4-day event. We may organise a bus from our area, so we need more details of the program, including when events finish.

    Will visitors be attending the blockade?


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