Funds needed for appeal against Duralie Coal approval

The Ironstone Community Action Group is planning an appeal in the NSW Land and Environment court against the approval of the Duralie Coal mine to continue mining until 2020. Particularly concerning is that the “no river discharge” condition has been removed, so there’s a high chance that dirty tailings water will be discharged into creeks leading to Mammy Johnsons River.

Donations are needed urgently to pay for expert witnesses to attend the case. There are three ways to contribute:

1) Cheque payable to:
Ironstone Community Action Group Inc.
C/- Amanda Albury – Secretary
151 Forest Glenn Road Limeburners Creek NSW 2324
PH: 4997-5979

2) Direct deposit to:
Greater Building Society
Ironstone Community Action Group
Account No. 718 290 813
BSB No. 637000

3) Money order:
For individuals, Government Departments, Local Government people or
organisations that need to remain anonymous. Money order cheques cost $5.95 and
can be organised from any Post Office, then post C/- Amanda Albury.

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