Can’t eat coal, can’t drink gas: NSW election rally

Coal and coal seam gas mining are expanding at an unprecedented rate, threatening our farmland, our climate, our communities, and our water.

Join environmentalists, farmers and concerned citizens from across NSW to take action to protect our irreplaceable farmland and environment.

Sunday 20th March
12 noon
Martin Place, Macquarie St, Sydney

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This election, demand your politicians put communities ahead of mining profits.

Food before coal. Water before gas.
For our land, our water and our future.

The current government is (after a dozen years in government) ‘developing a strategy’ for coal and gas expansion in NSW; and the incoming government is under pressure from rural communities to put a moratorium on coal seam gas, and address the health and water impacts from coal mining expansion.

Farmer and coal communities are mobilising (and blockading) like never before – this is definitely an important opportunity for some big demonstrations in Sydney.

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One Response to Can’t eat coal, can’t drink gas: NSW election rally

  1. Allan Green says:

    ABC news on wed night alerted me to coal seam gas exploration in Woronora catchment. Am gobsmacked that this would be allowed in our water catchmens which have such strict access control (except for miners it seems)when the serious risks of this exploitive practice are already so well known. Unacceptable to mine under it or use this process just so some company can make money in the short term while any damage is forever and will pollute and leak away our scarce water resources while associated surface works will damage the pristine natural environment above

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