Thirlmere Lakes dry-up worsens

The deepest of the five world heritage-listed Thirlmere Lakes has dried up. As reported in the Macarthur Chronicle:

False teeth grimace as World Heritage-listed Thirlmere Lakes system dries up
False teeth recovery a red flag for ancient lake system

This is scary stuff – after years of rainfall, the lakes are only getting drier. The mining companies in the area continue to deny that longwall mining has cracked the lake bed.

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2 Responses to Thirlmere Lakes dry-up worsens

  1. Geoffrey Drake says:

    Please be advised & I would appreciate any comments regarding unexplained explosions occuring about the Picton area over the last few days especially. We are located on the bank of the Napean river at Picton and am concerned with these explosions especially as we cannot get any answers about same especially as we can feel these they could very well effect the river. I understand these explosions have been reported over a wide area, to our knowledge from The Oaks, Bargo, Lakeslake & Picton. The Tahmoor mines advises they are not responsible ? We would appreciate your comments – Regards Geoffrey.

  2. Dr James French says:

    In the late 1980s our family regularly trained for elite level canoeing at Thirlmere lakes. The water levels were always deep during that time and there was never an occasion when either of the large lakes were anything less than ideal for our purpose. I am very disturbed to see that they have disappeared, particularly at a time of plentiful rainfall and subsequent recovery of many inland water systems.
    I would like to have my name added to those who have requested an independent enquiry into this environmental disaster.

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