Media release on Sugarloaf disaster

Rivers SOS has published a media release regarding the recent discovery of massive subsidence damage caused by longwall coal mining. Here’s an excerpt:

Since 2006 Rivers SOS has been drawing attention to similar and even more serious damage in the Special Areas of Greater Sydney’s drinking water catchment. Here there are also cracked rivers and streams, contaminated water, cliff collapses and chasms in rocks. But this is even more of a disaster because of the impacts on Sydney’s water supply. Yet most of the Sydney media do not follow this story.

You can read the full media release here.

Here’s some media coverage:
Subsidence in the spotlight, Newcastle Herald, 1/9/13
Sugarloaf coalmine subsidence repair disaster, Newcastle Herald, 28/8/13
Mine subsidence devastates Sugarloaf conservation area, Sydney Morning Herald, 28/8/13

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  1. Ado says:

    ” Yet most of the Sydney media do not follow this story.” Most likely because Murdoch has money invested in mining , coal, gas and oil.

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