Media reports Woronora Reservoir dry-up

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported on the ongoing damage caused by coal mining to rivers that flow into the Woronora Reservoir:

Coalmining under part of Sydney’s water catchment has resulted in an important feeder pool being completely drained and has also triggered extensive iron contamination, water specialists said after visiting a river that flows into the Woronora Reservoir.

“Pool N” on the Waratah Rivulet, which supplies about half of the reservoir, was found to be completely drained during the visit on February 13 with water running into big cracks in the pool’s 150 metre-long floor.

This was predicted back in 2010, when the SMH reported on the approval of mining in this area. Rivers SOS has written previously about damage caused in this area, which you can read on our page about the Waratah Rivulet.

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